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August 16, 2012
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Top 10 Worst Pairings by HannaBarberafan0194 Top 10 Worst Pairings by HannaBarberafan0194
Here are my remake of my Top 10 Worst Shippings i've ever seen.
Note: If you like any of this shippings, thats fine, i will
respect you're opinion but no rude comments ok? :hug:

#10. YakkoXFanny: This awful crossover pairing is made by
:iconsidviscous: which i find out really weird and disgusting
he's a warner, she's a rabbit and it does not work out for me as Yakko only loves Kikko :iconkessielou: 's OC
but if you like this pairing, i'll respect to you back :hug:

#9. Sparity: One of the worst shippings in MLPFIM in the world, this couple to me is pedophilia which its not cute its just disturbing *Shivers* Rarity does treats Spike like a kid in "Dragon Quest" episode.

#8. ShiningChrysalis: In my opinion on it of this pairing which it doesn't make sense, i mean a prince liking a queen?! heck no, She does'nt love him, He does'nt love her either, She only casts him a spell so she can rule Cadance's Kingdom.

#7. (Tie) BlikKimberly and GordonKimberly: Like i said with Sparity, These two couples are disturbing too which both shippings are pedophilia and it does'nt make any sense.
In "Love Cats" Blik does fell for Kimberly after she yells at him and walks off which its no cute at all :puke:
So these two are both too old for her as its just being creepy :fear:

#6. Shadikal: If you like this shipping, good for you and i've have nothing against you :hug:
So let me have my opinions on it.
He's a hedgehog, and she's a echinda,
Black and Orange don't mix,
They never met each other, they don't know each other and they don't talk to each other too.
Tikal does takes care of Chao and befriends with a water creature called Chaos. Shadow only friends with Maria(Human Friend) and he is created Dr. Gerald Robotnik and he does'nt take care of Chao.

#5. Tailsmo: If you are a fan of these Sonic X shipping,
nothing against you as i'll respect you're opinion :hug:
I found it really disturbing as an animal likes a plant?!
thats too gross to me :no:
They do have the same age but
Tails is a fox and Cosmo is a plant which they don't together to make love.
He does likes her throughout the episodes of Sonic X Season 3 until episode 78, Cosmo turns into a seed as Tails is unable to save her at the end of the episode.

#4. RayXMarine: Another non-fanon couples i have ever seen, He's a squrriel and she's a raccoon as they don't mix.
This shipping is not gonna work out,
They never met and they don't know each other either,
He's too old for her as shes a kid, She's too young for him as he's a teenager. Nuff say.

#3. RainbowMac: In MLPFIM episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" I only see them as friends, nothing else.

#2. ChrisXRebecca: If you are a fan of Resident Evil then i've have nothing against you as i've not a fan anymore good for you :hug:
In the first Resident Evil game, Chris and Rebecca don't have any romantic interests to each other, I only see them as friends too like i said with RainbowMac.

#1. FlameXEmber: I'm sorry i just don't like this shipping but if you like it i'll respect you're opinion :hug:
In my opinion, Flame and Ember don't have any romantic interests to each other in either Spyro A Hero's Tail and Spyro Shadow Legacy.
Flame does'nt have any love interests while Ember use to fell for Spyro in Spyro a Hero's Tail but she moved her relationship with Bandit from now in Spyro Shadow Legacy.



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