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October 22, 2012
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Top 10 Worst Pairings Part 2 by HannaBarberafan0194 Top 10 Worst Pairings Part 2 by HannaBarberafan0194
Here are my Top 10 Worst Pairings Part 2(remade) since my last one got violated.
So here are my opinions on these pairings i don't like the most.
Note: If you like any of the pairings, good for you i'll respect that my friends :hug:
Lets start!
#10. TwiMac: I'm sorry for those of you who like this pairing, i'll respect you're opinions :hug:
But i'll give my opinion on why this shipping should not work:
At first, Twilight Sparkle and Big Mac are only friends but they have'nt talk to each other much though.

#9. FannyXOrtensia: Another pairing and a yuri one by :iconsidviscous: as i found it disturbing and sick.
I only support them as friends/sisters nothing more. :bleh:

#8. SheilaXRocko: As i don't like any of the RockoXGirlfriends pairings, this one is not my type of thing for me as i don't hate Sheila and i think shes a cute fox but i don't like her with Rocko which it makes me feel awkward right now. :no:

#7. SquidBob: I'm sick of seeing this piece of crap yaoi pairing by the dumb fangirls and i don't know why its
so popular at all. I see Squidward hating Spongebob and being an annoying neighbor/friend nothing more. :no:

#6. PatrickXMindy: Let me tell you, i use to like this pairing, but now when i look back at it, it just looks terrible now
so sorry to you who like this pairing i'll respect that :hug:

#5. SquidwardXSandy: Like SquidBob, I only see them as friends sometimes as they don't talk to each other much also
in the episode "SquidBob TentaclePants" where Squidward asks Sandy to make him and Spongebob unstuck together with
a Molecular Seperator Ray. Also i did seen a video on youtube i found called "What Sponges Keep Quiet About" which i did
see Sandy and Squidward are finished doing it as its disgusting :puke:

#4. MortimerXMinnie Mouse: As i don't like the pairing and Mortimer Mouse, I feel sorry for Mickey in "Mickey's Rival Returns" where
Minnie did dumps Mickey and goes out with Mortimer instead, but at the end she dumps Mortimer and returns to Mickey once again
which it makes a better one than this.

#3. FlameXCynder: In my opinion on this pairing,
Flame and Cynder never met each other even know there in the different Spyro Games.

#2. DiegoXShira: Nuff said. Note: If you like this pairing, thats cool i'll respect that :hug:

#1. TimmyXTrixie: I found it really over-rated and Trixie is one of the worst characters i've ever seen in Fairly Odd Parents history.
In Wishology Part 2 scene where Timmy and Trixie kissed each other which its one of the worst scenes ever. and
in the episode of FOP called "Just the Two Of Us" where Timmy wishes that he and Trixie are the only two people on earth
but things go wrong as she started to fell for him as i feel sorry for him about it =(

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